Wayne Boss is a leadership coach that stimulates me to thoroughly reflect upon the challenges and opportunities I face. Through his careful listening, questioning, focusing on my intentions, and clarifying what is happening and why I think it is happening, I gain a better understanding of myself and the underlying dynamics of the circumstances I face. Wayne doesn’t tell me what I need to do, he allows me to explore my own inner thoughts and direction. He focuses my attention on the alternatives in front of me from which I can assess how mutually beneficial it is for me, the people I work with, and my organization. He expands my horizons by recommending materials which address my circumstances and through discussion I explore relevant and practical ways to apply pertinent ideas. Our conversations are very worthwhile and most interesting. I would strongly recommend Wayne to anyone that wants to grow immensely as a leader and as an individual.

Samson Lamb

Vice-President Card Services

ATB Financial


I met Wayne at a pivotal time in my personal life and career, having gone through some considerable challenges in both. Wayne made a huge difference for me – acting as an advocate, coach and friend over the course of several months. Wayne worked with me to develop a better sense of the lessons learned from my personal challenges, and a better sense of where I wanted my career to move next. One of the specific tasks involved Wayne facilitating a series of well structured and candid conversations with senior colleagues that led to a much clearer understanding of perceived issues and solutions. The outcome of working with Wayne was a “Career Plan” that I shared with my peers and managers that included clear actions and a communication plan. I am happy to report that the process of working with Wayne and developing and communicating my Career Plan has turned things around for me – I have a much better sense of the direction of my future career, and feel I am once again making a valued contribution to my company. In summary, I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone who feels stalled in their career and needs help to forge a path forward.

Rick Robinson, Ph.D.


Golder Associates Ltd.


My coaching relationship with Mr. Wayne Boss started in April 2008, when I was appointed Acting Division Head for Anatomical Pathology and Cytopathology at Calgary Laboratory Services. At that time, I had 3 distinct challenges: no power, no experience, and no respect. Mr. Boss started by saying, “If you show genuine respect to other people, you will get their respect back.” He gave me a book about influence which we discussed and applied to my circumstances. This coaching process helped me to build my confidence. I was subsequently confirmed as Division Head. In the last 5 years, Mr. Boss helped me get through lots of difficult times and challenges. He coached me how to initiate a change; how to get people on board to a new concept; and, how to maintain a change. He coached me to effectively deal with difficult issues. Mr. Boss’s coaching skills are particularly strong in people management. I will always remember what he said to me: “Be interested in who they are as unique persons first, then in what they can do for you or for the organization”. Under Mr. Boss’s coaching, I have grown to be an effective leader. Without his coaching, I would not be where I am today.

Zu-hua Gao, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Professor and Division Head Anatomical Pathology and Cytopathology

University of Calgary & Calgary Laboratory Services


My sessions with Wayne were very efficient. Wayne’s calming influence helped me to reflect deeply on my goals, strengths and area for improvement, making me a better person. Wayne’s unique gift to quickly identify root causes and potential conflict situations helped prevent barriers to my future performance.

Bill Forbes

Senior Manager, Quality

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.


Wayne Boss came to partner as a volunteer with Momentum in 1993 and continues to be a committed and integral piece of Momentum’s work within Community Economic Development. Wayne works with our entrepreneurs in growing their entrepreneurial spirit, and guiding them in the development of the mission and vision of their small business. The participants appreciate working with Wayne: “He brings to the group authentic and valuable entrepreneurial experience” and “provides passion that motivates our own entrepreneurial will”. We are grateful to have Wayne as a part of the Momentum family and the commitment he brings to our work.

Dallas Fikowski

Business Development Facilitator



I have seen Wayne Boss in action as a guest speaker in our business classes at Momentum. He addresses topics such as internal motivation and changing paradigms for our participants. These are highly valuable topics for our participants and Wayne delivers them in a compelling way. He is passionate about teaching and has been a highly committed volunteer for us. Participant comments include: “I liked the in depth knowledge of his presentation”; “I wish I could have had this class years ago”; “I liked Wayne’s examples & sharing of stories.”; “I like the part about seeing your business as a way of showing (expressing) your creativity.”; ”I liked everything. Lots of confirmation. Bring him back.”

Brian Hill

Fund Development Coordinator